There are no open position at this time.

ALCNO is currently fully staffed. 
You are welcome to send us your resume and your contact info anytime. We will notify you once a job position opens. 
To give you an idea, here's the type of people that we are interested in for the facilitator position:
  • You have experience cultivating authentic, respectful, and partnership-based relationships with people of all ages and will take great joy in leading a Spawn Point (small group of mixed-aged students) that meets each day to connect, set intentions, and reflect together.
  • You are a passionate, curious, and joyful person with a variety of interests and abilities that you will enjoy sharing with young people through Offerings made at our Set-the-Week meeting and through spontaneous, self-organized activities.
  • You are excited to practice the art of “maximum support with minimal interference” in the context of working with young people. 
  • You are motivated to work towards social justice initiatives within the context of intentional community building, including supporting our ALC in playing an active role in the liberation and empowerment of historically disenfranchised and marginalized students.
  • You understand and are aligned with the basic principles of Self-Directed Education. 
  • You are comfortable self-starting, adapting to changing circumstances, not always having the answer, navigating interpersonal relationships, coordinating logistics, and communicating effectively in multiple forms.
  • You are, yourself, self-directed: you don’t need to be told what to do in order to be productive in your role; you can notice what needs to be done and take action, while communicating effectively with team members along the way 
  • You live in, or are able to relocate to, New Orleans LA. 
  • BONUS: You have a driver’s license and are a safe driver.
  • BONUS: You can speak multiple languages.